A Taste of the Sea

40 minutes Easy Serves 2


  • Trout (81374)
  • Scallops (28093)
  • Samphire (85876)
  • Flower Pallette (32886)
  • Pepper Coulis (88987)
  • Parsnip (5814)
  • Freeze Dried Tomatoes (90784)
  • Vanilla Paste (89355)


  • To prepare the Parsnip Puree, peel and dice one Parsnip and boil in milk along with Vanilla Paste for 15mins, then drain and blend. Add hot milk until the puree is smooth, keep to one side.
  • Cook the farmed Langoustines in salted boiling water for 20 seconds, remove and plunge in to ice cold water. Remove head and claws set aside for garnish, crack the shell to remove the meat.
  • Fresh Trout Fillets sear in pan with a little butter & oil, skin side down for 2 mins. Flip to cook other side through, remove and set aside. Use the same pan to fry the Scallops, 1min either side, until golden in colour along with Langoustine.
  • Place Pepper Coulis on the plate along with the Parsnip Puree which is dotted around the plate.
  • Place Trout in centre of the coulis, then the seared Scallops on to a dollop of Parsnip Puree along with a piece of the cooked Langoustine.
  • Finish off with Samphire, Freeze Dried Tomatoes and garnish with a Langoustine head and Dill Pearls





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