Seabass Ceviche

Seabass Ceviche with Aioli and Ciabatta .

40 minutes Easy 


2 Fillets of Seabass
5753 Fresh Lemon
1303 Fresh Lime
1404 Fresh Coriander
7888 Fresh Basil
7573 Fresh Chives
80195 Fresh Parsley
75055 Fresh Ginger
5754 Fresh Garlic
14169 Fresh Chilli
87250 Olive Oil
81487 Sea Salt
60269 Freshly Milled Black Pepper
58116 Ciabatta
82018 Aioli


Slice the fish as fine as you can and reserve in the fridge until you have made the marinade.

Chop all the fresh herbs, nice and fine so that you can sprinkle evenly over the fish.

Mince or puree the garlic and ginger, finely slice the chilli.

Now sprinkle all of the above evenly over the seabass fillets, completely covering them.

Squeeze the lemon and lime over the fish again covering the whole lot, pour over the olive oil and sprinkle the sea salt. Now place a layer of clingfilm over the fish and press down firmly so all the flavours are being pushed into the fish.

Leave this in the fridge to marinate for at least 20 minutes before serving. Serve with crisp ciabatta and lots of aioli.



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