Scallops with Oyster Glazed Pancetta and Pea & Mint Panna Cotta

45 minutes Easy As Required


  • Celtic Coast Fresh Scallops (28093)
  • Avocado Oil (20162)
  • Pancetta (28743)
  • Oyster Sauce (97041)
  • Sosa Pro Panna Cotta  (58772)
  • Double Cream (2203)
  • Light Vegetable Stock (59937)
  • Peas (4966)
  • Fresh Mint (7887)
  • Fresh Pea Shoots (51953)


> Infuse the vegetable stock, peas and mint in a pan and simmer
for a few minutes. Blend with stick blender and pass through a fine sieve.
> Sprinkle the desired amount of Sosa Pro Panna Cotta into the pea and mint liquid
mixture and set in tray until service.
> Brush the Pancetta slices with the Oyster Sauce and glaze in oven until crisp shards
are formed, keep aside ready for service.
> Pan fry the Scallops in a little oil and butter, tear the Panna Cotta into pieces and
assemble the dish as required.

This dish would be a great addition to your Valentine’s menu, bringing classic combinations
of flavours that your customers would appreciate. It also delivers an the extra
delicate lift of oyster passion to the dish.



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